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Toshiba D-VR4, Sansui VRDVD5000/5000A Combo

Toshiba D-VR4, Sansui VRDVD5000/5000A Combo

STEP 1 Please make the connection according to the diagram on the right.
Click the diagram to enlarge it.
STEP 2 Place DVD disk media into DVD Recorder and Source Video Tape into VCR.
STEP 3 Switch to the DVD mode. In DVD mode Select INPUT1 with INPUT SELECT button on remote control
STEP 4 Press Record. DVD Recorder must start recording from INPUT1.
Do not use DUBBING button!
STEP 5 Right after the DVD recording started switch to the VCR mode and press play. VCR should start to play the Video Tape you are recording from.
Once again Do not use DUBBING. It will not work! Click to see why

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