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What is the meaning of the light indicator
How to check Grex FW version
How to check Grex Operational Mode
How to change Operational Mode
Why should I change operational mode
What is the difference between DVD Red PRO and Grex

What is the meaning of the light indicator
Grex smart indicator will let you understand what is going on with your device. It can let you check if electronic circuit and power supply are functioning correctly. You can also monitor if Grex seas the video signal and what kind of signal it is.

State Description Indicator Status
Composite(RCA) S-Video Composite(RCA) S-Video
Power Connected
Video Connected





Protected Video Connected





(*) Video Connected generally means that non protected video is connected to Grex. Some types of protections may also be indicated as non protected video. It does not mean although that protection is not removed.
How to check Grex FW version
To check Grex Firmware version you should perform following simple steps:
  • Grex must be connected to playback device and TV
  • Disconnect power from Grex
  • Press play on your playback device connected to Grex. (Video must be passing by Grex to TV)
  • Connect power to Grex
  • In a few seconds on top of the playback video you could see embedded message like

    It means Version 7.4 mode 001"
How to check Grex Operational Mode
Please refer to the previous topic. Operational Mode is displayed after Firmware version.
How to change Operational Mode

STEP 1 Take the Grex and Connect RCA Cable (not S-Video) between Grex Composite (RCA) Video Input and Composite (RCA) Video Output. In other words make loopback between RCA input and Output connectors.
STEP 2 Connect Power to Grex and wait until indicator starts to blink fast. It will continue to blink this way for about 6-7 seconds
STEP 3 After that Grex indicator will start to show one, two, three, and so on .... short blinks followed by long blink.

On the example at the right side you can see one short blink followed by long blink and after that two short blinks followed by long blink. Next the same sequence continues.

The number of short blinks is an Operational Mode number. Real Grex will have more then two possible Operational Modes
STEP 4 Once Grex indicator short blinks desired number of times (desired Operational Mode) wait the long blink to begin and while long blink is on disconnect power from Grex. Grex will stay in that Operational mode it was just before you've disconnected power.
You can check the new Operational Mode using instructions in "How to check Grex Operational Mode" topic above.
Why should I change operational mode
You should not!

The default Operational Mode 001 that the Grex is shipped with is one that will suite all your needs. In some special cases with specific setups we may suggest you to select different Operational Mode. You should change Grex Operational Mode only if our technical support has recommended it.
What is the difference between DVD Red PRO and Grex
Features DVD Red PRO Grex
Analog Copy Protection (ACP) - Macrovision Level 1 (AGC), Level 2 & Level 3 (Color stripe) Removal
CGMS-A (CGMS/A) - Copy Generation Management System for Analog Video Removal
Copy protected DVD to VHS
Copy protected VHS to DVD
Copy protected DVD to DVD
Does not make any Video Signal conversions. Provides best Video quality
S-Video (SVHS) support  
Smart Light Indicator
Lets you record protected TV channels from SAT/Cable Receiver, STB, PVR, DVR  
Preserves Closed Caption
NTSC & PAL Support

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