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CoolMaster 2000S
RS232 Interface Adapter for Sanyo VRF Systems
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Control and Monitor Sanyo VRF Air Conditioning Systems
  • Compatible with Sanyo S3 Line
  • Provides Simple RS232 Interface
  • Can be used with Home Automation Controller
  • Customizable for specific user applications
  • Field Upgradable
General Description

CoolMaster 2000S is versatile bridge device connecting Sanyo VRF Air Conditioning systems and any RS232 or USB capable device like Home PC, Embedded PC or Home Automation Controller. Exposing simple interface over RS232 communication line or USB bus, CoolMaster gains user application full control on indoor units and provides access to VRF system parameters. In other words CoolMaster hides complexity of internal Sanyo S3 Communication line (including very unique physical layer) and instead gives simple, comprehensive, well documented protocol running on popular RS232 or USB connection.


  • Easy to integrate with Home Automation Systems and PC applications
    CoolMaster Interface is very simple and straightforward. Implementation of software modules to support CoolMaster is not complex at all.

  • Unified RS232 Interface
    All CoolMaster products impose unified RS232 interface. It means for example that home automation application working on Sanyo VRF system with CoolMaster 2000S will work exactly the same way on Daikin VRV, Mitsubishi Electric VRF, Toshiba VRF and other systems with CoolMaster 1000D, 4000M, 3000T. No special interface adaptation will be required to migrate from one CoolMaster type to another.

  • Full Control over Indoor Units Operation
    On/Off control,  Cool, Heat, Fan, Dry mode selection,  Set Temperature Control,  Fan Speed Control,  Swing Control (for wall mounted and cassette indoor units),  Filter Reset Sign,  Group Operations (All On, All Off)

  • Indoor Units Monitoring
    Failure Alarms, Set point temperature, Operation status (on/off) Operation mode (cool/heat/fan/dry), Fan speed (high/low), Filter sign, Swing

  • CoolMaster unit can be extended with additional Hardware and Software modules
    Up to 4-GPIO, RS485, MODBUS, C-Bus(under development).

  • Field Upgradable
    New Firmware can be uploaded via RS232 port. No need to open unit to change it's functionality.

Block Diagram

Compatibility List


-Outdoor Unit Type   -Indoor Unit Type  


Package Version Date Notes Key Features
cool-master-2.4.0.zip   2.4.0 30 Sep 2009
cool-master-2.3.9.zip   2.3.9 27 Aug 2009 Failure Codes for 2000S,3000T



  • Home Automation systems with AMX ,  Philips Pronto ,  Vantage Legrand ,  Crestron ,  ABB ,  Unitronix ,  LiteTouch ,  Lutron ,  RTI ,  Control4 ,  and other Controllers

  • PC based VRV/VRF Monitoring
  • Application Examples

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